Work on mplay was motivated by experience of other console based audio players.
Although mplay is a front-end to MPlayer, it extends its functions in several significant ways. It:

  • keeps a browsable , sortable and searchable playlist
  • provides an internal filebrowser to add files
  • provides essential status information
  • includes a progress bar
  • remembers the position within the track last played before quitting
  • shows ID3-info / tag and it is possible to edit ID3-tag
  • gives user-friendly output through a colour scheme
  • runs as single-instance (provides basic controlling from outside)
  • provides basic mixer functions
  • provides an own interactive shoutcast streambrowser
  • interactive help (German/English) for control keys
  • mouse support
  • jump to track, jump to time-position(very useful for http-streams)
  • plays various http-streams